Obesity, Medicine is not the answer

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Weight gain is a common problem today. An estimated 70% of people worldwide are currently obese or overweight, and where they diet to lose weight, they also do a variety of exercises because people today are well aware that obesity Heart disease ‘diabetes’ brings with it a number of diseases including high blood pressure and joint pain.

Weight loss can be achieved by controlling your eating habits. If you want to eat three or four meals a day, or have breakfast in the morning and enjoy chicken, forget about weight loss. Eating things does not give strength but diseases. According to the Islamic method, only two simple meals are better for health. If you are overweight, you should halve your daily diet, i.e. if you have two loaves of bread When you eat, eat a loaf of bread. Sometimes people say that if you eat two and a half loaves of bread instead of three, you start to feel dizzy, which is a very wrong thinking and just a psychological problem. The fat stored in it can be a source of full power.

According to medical experts, it is not right to take medicine for weight loss. To control weight gain, you should halve your diet, take multivitamins and make half an hour walk a part of your life. The fat will start to melt. With that, get up every morning and stand in front of the mirror, see yourself as you want to be. Even if you weigh 100 kg, still feel 50 kg in the mirror and see how you will feel after losing weight. This process stimulates for weight loss. Remember! Eat everything and control your weight. It is not necessary to eat while controlling the calories.

To dissolve body fat, two teaspoons of spaghetti straw, a pinch of crushed cloves, a teaspoon of honey, four to five mint leaves, a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, a glass of water. I boil it and sip it. Drink a cup of coffee after every meal. This coffee is excellent for melting body fat and does not have any harmful effects on the body. This coffee can be made in large quantities and stored in the refrigerator.

At night, put one teaspoon of snapati, one seed of amlatas, one leaf of celery or half a teaspoon of celery and 5 mint leaves in a glass and a half of water In the morning, boil it with a glass of green tea till half of the water is left, then filter it. Also, drink a glass of plain water every half hour, as well as continue exercising.

Drink a teaspoon of spaghetti husk before eating. Boil canoe or lemon peels well in water, strain it and drink it with honey. No matter how much you eat this coffee, you will not gain weight.

Fill three one-liter bottles with water. Mix 6 fresh rose petals in one, half a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in the other and half a teaspoon of fennel in the third. Drink this water little by little throughout the day. In two months the weight will be under control. The weight can be up to three inches and the weight can be reduced from eight to ten kilos. It can be used by children and adults.

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