Introducing Super Mario Eclipse – A New Super Mario Sunshine Mod Featuring An Expanded Story And Much More

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Super Mario Sunshine might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s still managed to develop a cult following over the years. While many Nintendo fans would love to see a sequel to the original 2002 GameCube title, Nintendo doesn’t seem like it’ll be revealing a game like this any time soon.

Enter Super Mario Eclipse – a custom creation described as part beta restoration, part enhancement, part “original mod” and all “fan service”. Here’s a more descriptive rundown – noting how this mod includes an all-new expanded story, new missions, new custom worlds, new playable characters, collaborations – like Monkey Ball – and much more.

“Super Mario Eclipse is part beta restoration, part enhancement, part original mod, and all fan service. With dozens upon dozens of new missions, fully custom worlds, challenging secret courses, and an interconnected Isle Delfino to boot, this is the Super Mario Sunshine experience you always wanted- and then some! Isle Delfino is hiding all new secrets just waiting to be uncovered, and with multiple playable characters by your side, there’s nothing you can’t do. Presenting an all-new expanded story, crazy new gimmicks, exciting new moves and abilities, and references to your favorite Gamecube era Mario Games, get ready for the collaborative efforts of the entire Sunshine modding community to finally come together and bring you something special! This Super Mario Sunshine mod is sure to Eclipse the rest!”

If this has got you in the mood for Super Mario Sunshine, Nintendo has previously released the original game as part of last year’s All-Star collection – just keep in mind, it was a limited-time release, so it might be a little hard to track down. Mario’s not the only one who is getting entirely new expansion content thanks to the mod community – characters like Link are also receiving similar content via the community. Just recently, Zelda: Breath of the Wild ‘Second Wind’ got a major update.

What do you think of Super Mario Sunshine Eclipse? Would you like to see Nintendo make a follow-up for this GameCube classic one day? Tell us down in the comments.


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