DD Kisan Introduces AI Anchors on Its Ninth Anniversary

As DD Kisan celebrates its ninth anniversary on May 26, 2024, the channel is set to make history by introducing two AI-powered anchors, AI Krish and AI Bhoomi. This milestone marks DD Kisan as the first government TV channel in India to adopt artificial intelligence for news presentation, highlighting a significant leap in technological integration in the media sector.

A New Era of AI Anchors

AI anchors are digital avatars created through advanced artificial intelligence technologies. They are designed to resemble human anchors, equipped with text-to-voice generation capabilities, and can synchronize their lip, eye, head, and hand movements with the words they speak. AI Krish and AI Bhoomi are sophisticated AI models capable of speaking fifty Indian and foreign languages. They promise to deliver news and information 24/7, without the limitations faced by human counterparts.

The Role of AI Krish and AI Bhoomi

AI Krish and AI Bhoomi will make their inaugural appearance on Sunday, marking DD Kisan’s anniversary celebrations. According to the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, these AI anchors are not just technological marvels but also essential tools for continuous and tireless news delivery. They are expected to enhance the channel’s capability to provide up-to-date information on agricultural research, market trends, weather updates, and government schemes.

The Evolution of DD Kisan

Since its inception on May 26, 2015, DD Kisan has been a vital source of information for farmers across India. The channel broadcasts in multiple regional languages, ensuring its reach to diverse agricultural communities. Popular programs like “Krishi Darshan,” “Mandi Khabar,” “Mausam Khabar,” and “Chaupal Charcha” have become staples for the farming community, providing essential news and updates.

The AI Revolution in Indian Media

The introduction of AI anchors by DD Kisan is part of a broader trend in Indian media. Earlier in 2023, India Today Group launched Sana, the country’s first AI anchor on the Aaj Tak channel. This was followed by Odisha-based OTV introducing AI anchor Lisa, and Karnataka’s Power TV unveiling AI anchor Soundarya. India Today further expanded its AI anchor portfolio with five additional AI presenters for its regional channels.

Globally, the trend started with China’s Xinhua news agency, which launched the world’s first AI news anchor in 2018. Since then, the technology has gradually been adopted by various media houses around the world, aiming to revolutionize news delivery.

Looking Ahead

The advent of AI anchors like AI Krish and AI Bhoomi signals a transformative period for DD Kisan and the broader media industry. As these digital humans become an integral part of newsrooms, they promise to bring about a more efficient, tireless, and multilingual approach to broadcasting. For DD Kisan, this technological innovation not only enhances its service to the agricultural community but also sets a precedent for other government channels to follow.

As we witness the dawn of AI in media, it’s clear that the future of news delivery is set to become more dynamic and inclusive, offering endless possibilities for real-time, around-the-clock information dissemination.

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